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The flexible loan with low or no initial deposits available.



Online presentation of the new financial product “PCP“ (Personal Contract Purchase) and its advantages compared to traditional way of loans when buying a new car.

Renault Easy & Dacia Open introduce to customers a way how to get a new car with low or zero savings with a buyout guarantee at the end of agreement.


Modern responsive microsite for Czech and Slovak market. Powered by advanced financial simulator connected to dealer locator and contact lead form. Collected data and comprehensive summary is being sent to both customer and company over their own lead management. These data virtually reach each dealership within a seconds to be processed.

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For this communication, we had to highlight main benefits and understandably connect the foundation of PCP product -- make enjoyment in changing the vehicles more often than before, the ability to choose the car you really wish to and monthly payments to suits your needs, including the reassurance with guaranteed future value of the car and flexible options at the end of agreement.

You do not have to break a piggybank or borrow money from your neighbor, with Renault Easy or Dacia Open you do not have to pay any money in advance. You decide how much deposit you would like to pay. This loan offer is simply more interesting than the standard one and includes complete insurance.



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RCI Financial Services is one of the leading branded leasing companies in Czech Republic.

Their services are offered under the Renault Finance, Dacia Finance brands through a network of authorized Renault and Dacia dealers.


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